Service That Makes A Difference


At Ocean Blue, we handle the day to day operations for your association. We allow you to focus on other matters, like family and friends.


We handle account payables and receivables, collections, payroll, bookkeeping, budgeting, and monthly financial statements.


With routine inspections for preventative maintenance, contractor oversight, and bid collection, you can be assured that your community is being watched over properly.

Association Governance

Let us handle meeting coordination, notification, committee facilitation and all association administration work.

Problems We Help Solve

Homeowners not paying on time, or simply not paying can cause your community to be ineligible for loan approval and more.

Failure to enforce lowers curb appeal and soon, property values. And lawsuits stem from a lack of fairness, or even the perception of it.

Apathetic homeowners are the first sign of a failing community. You need volunteers and passionate homeowners who care enough to be there.

A poorly funded reserve increases the risk of a special assessment if a disaster happens on your watch.

When your amenities and common property are not properly maintained, their lifespan is shorter. Waiting for things to break down is not a maintenance plan.

Our managers are there when you need them. They provide an open line of communication with rapid responses to keep you informed.

What Makes Us Different

Our management services are focused on a four pronged approach:

Residents can call with questions or concerns about their association, any time or day. Our property managers keep board members informed with ongoing association matters and resident comments to ensure the board can act in the best interest of the association. 

We help associations ensure compliance with applicable laws & statues and provide accurate & reliable monthly financial reports.

We strive to create harmony within all communities we manage. Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment is the foundation which ensures the longevity of associations. 

We strive to not only meet your expectations as a management company, but to exceed them. By combining our experienced team and local resources, we are able to provide all the services you will need. 

Your Need Is Our Priority

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